Hello to all of you,

you might ask yourself why I wrote this post in English. Well, this will be „A Walk Through Tallinn“ and I planned this little article for a special friend from the Netherlands.
Last week I read a great post from lovely Valerie from February Circus. She spoke about her dream destinations and I told her, that I was in Tallinn – one of the cities she wants to visit sometime.

Tallinn – old but gold

So Valerie asked if it’s possible to write something about this cute little city. But my trip was in 2016 and I visited Tallinn only for some hours. So I don’t have a lot of words to say – but I have a lot of cool pictures.
And now, this is for you Valerie. 😉

Certainly there a few things I remember. Beside that Tallinn is such a wonderful citiy – the streets and the old houses are so beautiful, I will never forget the heavy rain and the great beer we drank until it stops. 😅 Valerie and all the others who will visit Tallinn: Try the beer!

When we visited the dome, the cathedral and the impressive castle, I felt like a princess. It was very cool to explore the old places and took some great shots. But I think you should decide by yourself, if Tallinn is a place to visit.

Goodbye Tallinn!


3 Replies to “A Walk Through Tallinn

  1. Anni!!! This is such a nice surprise 🙂

    Ahhhhh I am so happy that you wrote this post!! You are the sweetest 🙂 Thank you sweetie <3 The pictures are just sooo beautiful! Pictures say more than words. Tallinn looks really dreamy and fairy tale like. Like you said, a place to feel like a princess. That beer looks tasty by the way hahaha 😀 Nothing beats a nice beer (whether its sunny or rainy, it's always nice :p ) I am going to save this post for the day that I visit it.

    Hope you're having a lovely bank holiday!

    1. Valerie my dear,

      I’m so happy that u like the post.
      I hope u will visit Tallinn sometimes and share your impressions. Yeah you are so right with the beer. *cheers

      Yes I had a great day off. I met two friends and we enjoyed the nice weather on top off a huge building.

      Wish u a great weekend
      Love Anni

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